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Founded in 2010, the black metal band HALLIG released their debut album “13 Keys to Lunacy“ in 2012. All expectations HALLIG invoked with their debut even were surpassed by their second studio album “A Distant Reflection of the Void”. Magazines celebrated this release as an „inspired masterpiece“, a „new benchmark“ and an „outstanding example for credible, immersive black metal“.

HALLIG combine the ferocity of nordic sounds with memorable, atmospheric melodies in their songs, which often draw deep cosmic visions. HALLIGs music reflects a mood of loneliness and gustily tides, which the „Halligen“ in the North Sea are permanently exposed to. Raging blast beats encounter epic harshness and merge with acoustic as well as clean-singing parts into a voyage from the depths of the sea to astral spheres.

Without doubt one of HALLIGs performance highlights was the 2019 concert at Planetarium Bochum which the band sold out as the evening’s exclusive act. HALLIG was the first black metal band ever to use such a stunning setting for a spectacular live show.


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May 19, 2018