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NOCTURNE started as a vague idea in the mind of singer ESSARK back in 2006 when he composed first melodies to praise the night side and its dark gods. After a long search for appropriate allies he finally joined forces with TENEBRIS (ex HELLSAW) in 2012.

In the following year they started together with producer Stefan Traunmüller (RAUHNACHT, GOLDEN DAWN) to arrange and record four songs for their demo 'Nahash' which was unleashed upon mankind in late 2013 and got very good press reviews and sold out quickly.

In late 2014 'Nahash' has been re-released as a remastered EP by austrian underground label TALHEIM RECRORDS.

Without any further delay NOCTURNE entered Soundtempel Studio (strings/vox) as well as KK-Studios (drums) in 2014 to record a self-titled debut album, which was mastered at Necromorbus Studio by Tore Stjerna and released in 2016 by french based label UNLIGHT PRODUCTIONS.

The song ‘Into the Great Below’ also manifested itself in form of the band’s first music-video, published on youtube and official facebook site.

To bring their songs finally to a live audience, NOCTURNE recruited ISIUL (GROTESKH, ASHES OF MOON, ex-HELLSAW), KHARN (IRDORATH) and MARTYR (IRDORATH, GROTESKH, etc) to complete the live-lineup with experienced members.

While playing several live-shows, NOCTURNE continued to write songs for the follow up album ‘The Burning Silence’, which was also recorded at Soundtempel Studios in 2016/17 and this time mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound.

In April 2017 ISIUL, KHARN and MARTYR were introduced as full-time band members to strengthen the force of NOCTURNE in the future.

Cover artwork for this album was done by Khaos Diktator Design (SRB), additional artwork by Ceethava (GER).

In mid 2017 NOCTURNE signed as a Roster Artist of Talheim Records (AUT) which will release ‘The Burning Silence’ on Dec. 16, 2017.


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