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Melancholic/Atmospheric Black Metal
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The group formed in 2012 and has thus far released 2 albums. Both composed by guitarist Josh Young with Lyrics and Vocals by Josh Gee. Young and Gee are the founding members of the Melodic Black Metal group Atra Vetosus who decided to form Lost In Desolation as an outlet of deeper introspection and expression. Their music can be broadly described as Atmospheric and Depressive Black Metal. Their Debut album was released in 2014 through Talheim Records titled Mourning I. This album features guest vocals from Tim Yatras (Austere, Germ) and Sam Dishington (Départe)

This was followed up by Mourning II. Once Young had completed the music, Gee spent a starry April’s evening in the Mersey Forest, Tasmania, with a notepad and audio recorder and returned the next day with the lyrics and screamed vocals completed. Mourning II was released in 2017 through Talheim Records. This album features guest vocal by Felix Lane (Myridian).

Both releases feature the photography Jocelyn Parry-Jones for all album artwork, along with the official band logo by Christophe Szpajdel.

No further releases have been announced.

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Mourning I

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Mourning II

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