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“Nisi Mors Certum Vitae”
The only certitude in life is death.

Lacrima Mortis explores this feeling creating a sound that celebrates life’s delusions and morbidness. The band started in march of 2016. After some changes in the line-up
and the sudden disappearance of some members, they reunited a group of people that share the same taste for a slow and depreciatory music and started rehearsing and crafting their sound.

With gelid riffs and lyrics that come from the dimmest places of the soul addressing the pain of being alive, Lacrima Mortis honours the old school of Death/Doom Metal with a dark,
heavy and emotionally driven sound. Each song invites the listener to be a part of a despaired journey, sailing through a dense ocean of the darkest human feelings.

Once the band put together a solid setlist, they released their first EP. Containing two songs and an intro, “Optare Mortem” introduced Lacrima Mortis to the world.
After that, the band went to play on several metal festivals, like Eclipse Doom in Curitiba and São Paulo - where they shared the stage with Hellight and other highly
acclaimed metal bands from southern Brazil - and closing the first day of the national SC Metal Fest.

Lacrima Mortis Line-Up:
Dread - Vocals
Requiem - Guitars/Acoustic
Baud - Guitars
Reverend Reaper - Bass Guitar
Scavenger - Drums

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