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Grabak is a black metal band from Leipzig. The band has been deeply rooted in German Black Metal since 1995, i.e. for 25 years. In addition to influences from Scandinavian bands of the early 90s, there have always been bonds and elements from older Thrash and Heavy Metal bands that built the musical foundation of the founding formation. The band name itself is borrowed from Edda and in its original form Grabakr means nothing more than gray back, the name of the snake at the roots of Yggrasil.

The band from Leipzig made their first musical mark in 1997 with a demo CD, which was able to acquire a certain reputation in the media underground that was then emerging. In April 1999 the band signed a contract with the Austrian label CCP Records, which released the first three albums "The Prophet of Chaos" (1999), "Encyclopaedia Infernalis" (2001) and "The Serpent within Paradise" (2003).

The following years proved to be quite dynamic in terms of a functioning line up. The frequent line-up changes meant that the follow-up album "Agash Daeva" could only be released on Black Blood Records in 2007. In terms of style, the band had developed further and fit perfectly into the musical landscape of raging black metal ala Belphegor, Setherial or Marduk.

In March 2011 Grabak signed for two albums with Twilight Vertrieb. The fifth studio album "SIN" was released in May 2011.

After the bankruptcy of Twilight Records and the media almost-out of the album, things got rather quiet in the Leipzig camp. Individual concerts were played, but the following years were again characterized by changing line-ups. Erebor (now Thulcandra and Secrets of the Moon) and Arnaud Vansteenkiste (ex-Enthroned) are two well-known drummers in the line up, but there was no really stable formation. The preliminary highlight of the cast carousel is the end of Recke's career, who left the band as the penultimate founding member after almost twenty years.

It was not until 2016 that GRABAK presented themselves completely and with B.S. on drums and C.L. they found a worthy replacement for the former musicians on the guitar. With this line-up, Grabak frequented the studio in May 2017 and recorded the material for “Bloodline Divine” at the Leipzig Echolux Studios, which was released in November 2017 by Massacre Records.