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Past experiences that the members lived together in music, bring them to give life to 'Eyelessight' project in november 2011 in Pescara.

After one year, the first live concert and the "i-i" demo produced in different formats and from different labels (Rigorism Production, Self Mutilation Services, Runenstein Records, Parkbench Records).

In 2013 the alternation of live shows and the composition of the first album "Mantra per sopravvivere inutilmente", which was released in 2014 via Self Mutilation Services.

From here, the composition of the new songs, line up changes, the release of the live album "IV" in Tape format to celebrate (or commemorate) the past 4 years of Eyelessight with original line up ... and then, other changes have been done until a stability was found in 2017 with the current line up.

This finally led to a succession of live shows with bands such as Nocturnal Depression, Forgotten Tomb, Psychonaut 4, Harakiri for the sky, Ellende, Fäulnis, Perennial Isolation and the first European tour with Grà and Ars Veneficium.

Furthermore, the recordings of the new album "Athazagorafobia" are resumed until their conclusion in the Opus Magnum Studios by Déha (Imber Luminis, Slow ...) and the signing for Talheim Records.

In October 2018 a collaboration between Eyelessight and Imber Luminis was published digitally, recorded during the days of mixing and mastering in Belgium and finally, the release of "Athazagorafobia" on 18-11-18 and the European tour (Days of Madness) on March 2019 with Vanhelga and Psychonaut 4.

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Nov. 17, 2018