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Acherozu Band

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Founded in 2010 in Shenyang, Liaoning province.

The Chinese Black Thrash metal act Acherozu, naming from the combination of the dark river‘Acheron’of Greek Mythology and ‘Zu’ from the euphony of Chinese word’‘卒’(aka Die or Funeral). The band is now under the banner of Austrian Label Talheim Records.

The debut album‘Uncrowned King’was released through Thanatology Prod in 2015, this conceptual album is focusing on the mythological warrior ‘Chi You’ (蚩尤) of Chinese mythology and sold out shortly. This album was highly complimentary by the fans overseas and sold widely to Germany, Japan, South-Korea, Taiwan, Russia, etc. In the same year Acherozu performed tour in Northeast region of China.

The new single‘Fangs’was released in the spring 2017 and featured in the Black Metal V.A.‘Black Battle Corps III’issued by label Cold woods from Chang Sha. Meanwhile the debut album‘Uncrowned King’was re-issued via Thanatology Prod after re-drawing the cover art.
The Acherozu’s album and the gigs attracted much attention overseas, in the winter of 2017 the band was signed to Austrian Label Talheim Records. The coming new album‘Vendetta Ocean’is now under progress, estimated to be released worldwide in 2019.

Current lineup:
Vocal:Tora Xie(2010-)
Guitar:PiRaf Qi(2017-)
Drummer:Dejia Ma(2016-)

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Acherozu - Vendetta Ocean CD Presentation

Vendetta Ocean

Album - CD Digipak

Sept. 28, 2019